How to Retrofit a LED Fog Light on VW Golf MK7


Today I got this 80 shark or at shark LED light that is gonna be going on to my fog light, so we’re gonna be working on this today and I’ll show you the end result. We’ll just open this the box, it’s my first time putting one of this light bulb on my car. Everything in here simple enough it looks like no extra ballast or anything just a plugin play. So we’ll see how it works.

How to Retrofit a LED Fog Light on VW Golf MK7

Basically, the first thing to do here is that we just have to have access to this panel. And you have to turn the wheel inwards, turn counterclockwise so that’s our bulb and we just have to insert this one in snap this in, let’s test it out.

How to Retrofit a LED Fog Light on VW Golf MK7

As you can see, the new fog light looks really nice and if you compare it to the other side. I see how the halogen looks like, it’s fairly yellowish. So I really liked the way it turned out. Since we’ve done the other side, we’ll definitely get the other side done, I’m pretty happy with the result. This is the end result limit as you can see, it’s really nice, I just gotta work on the headlight. The low beam is pretty soon, it looks nice, it goes really well with my xenon lights. We do try it out tonight and see how much gain I get from the brightness at least. Now it’s matching throughout and once I get the headlight as well but my low beam they will look a lot better.

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