6 Tips for You to Drive Safely in the Rainy Day


The rainy seasons are approaching, and I have decided that it would be good to give some practical advice to drive in the rain because, as you know, the only thing that distinguishes itself from driving in the dry land is that wet soils tend to slide more and so. Therefore, we can suffer skidding skids or that the car can bump.

Therefore, in this rainy season that begins, it would be good to give some advice so that you can apply them this autumn-winter to go safe.

driving in the rain
1, As much caution as you take if the wheels are bad, the following advice we are going to give is useful. Therefore the first point that we must take into consideration is the good condition of the four wheels of the vehicle both in drawing and in pressure.

2, Prepare to be seen and to see, it is advisable even if it is the day you turn on the lights, although you do not need them to see if you will help other vehicles to see you. When you drive underwater, you leave a trail of the road’s water that makes it very difficult to see a vehicle in front of you, so the front and rear road lights help to identify vehicles with rain. Use them on secondary roads and highways

driving in the rain
3, When we are going to face a curve, the ideal thing is to do it progressively, never with sudden swings or proceed to an overtaking in a curve, usually on the highway, suddenly changing to the overtaking lane. Gently both acceleration and braking.

4, It is advisable to brake before the curve, never brake on the curve path, this will prevent the wheels from locking and skidding or the rear of the vehicle. This Tip is good for when the floor is wet or dry.

5, Tip if we see that the rain even stops the vehicle with the intensity it has is advisable before facing a curve like a slope, reduce a gear to retain the car and not leave it so loose in another longer gear.

driving in the rain
6, When you go to overtake another vehicle, normally, a truck is advisable to put the clean to the maximum before proceeding to its overtaking. Since the wheels of the trucks take much more water than those of the vehicles, and it will make us very difficult to see, so we are prevented, and we will make overtaking safer.

So far, the tips to make driving safer and remember to adapt your speed to the weather.

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