How to Maintain the Vehicle in Daily


Caring for your vehicle is very important and is something we should do when appropriate, but not only is it maintenance of the mechanical part, but the interior and the body play a fundamental role.

There are many options, as for the treatment or maintenance we want for our vehicle, you can pay more to have it clean.

But if you are a lover of details and if you are passionate, you know that, as you leave it, you cannot leave it to someone else.

Therefore, we will list what we must do to have a vehicle:

maintain the vehicle

1, The upholstery: many people eat inside their vehicle, which inevitably may appear stains that end up with the upholstery of the car rather than dirty. Therefore, we recommend cleaning the upholstery at least once a year, if your upholstery is leather, use the products to keep the leather in perfect condition.

With this, we will avoid on the one hand the bad smells and on the other that the vehicle looks clean.

2, Pollen filter and air conditioning: when we use the air conditioner incorrectly, an unpleasant smell usually appears over time, which is usually caused by a deficiency in maintenance. We must first replace the pollen filter, and on the other hand, we can use a bactericide, which applied in the ducts of the vehicle, to get rid of that bad smell.

3, The bodywork: it is the most exposed element of the vehicle, we must protect the paint of our vehicle by applying some protective wax. That mitigates the passage of time and the sun’s rays, especially in live paint, which with the passage of The years can become more opaque; for this, you must use waxes that protect the body of our vehicle when you need it most.

maintain the vehicle

4, Mechanical maintenance per day: depending on the use of your vehicle, you must take into account the type of maintenance you need. This result gets a little more complicated when the vehicle turns years old, and we stop going to the official house. Therefore, we must take into account the kilometers of the timing belt, oil filter changes, and other components that, with the passage of time and mileage, may be affected.

5, Tires: if we speak of safety, the tires of the vehicle carry the most attention.

They are responsible for keeping the vehicle attached to the road, and its behavior depends on the behavior of the entire vehicle. We must check both wear and proper inflation.

Less pressure on the tires apart from compromising the safety of the occupants, makes the vehicle consume more and the tire wear is uneven. So we may have to replace them ahead of time.

These are recommendations for vehicle maintenance, depending on the use or the current state of the vehicle.

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