The Guide to Replace 2015 VW Golf Mk7 Cabin Air Filter


Today we are going to be changing the Paulin air filter inside of 2015 Volkswagen Golf TDI. The first thing you want to do is open the glove box and empty everything inside because this has to fold down to gain access to the pollen air filter housing behind this.

The guide to replace 2015 VW Golf Mk7 cabin air filter

You see this piece right here well that’s the bump stop it’s that same thing on the other side. What you want to do is get push up on both sides that will allow the glovebox door to swing past that point, point same with the other side. But we’re not done this little plastic arm, it’s still holding it up so we have to take that off.

The guide to replace 2015 VW Golf Mk7 cabin air filter

There’s a little wheel in there and that’s what dampens the glovebox door, just leave that there but when this pulls out it kind of snaps out and then it’s free. We can open this door up, this hinges from the top down towards yourself. Pry down the three tabs on them and they’ll pop out and you can pull it out.

It exposes the pollen air filter, now you want to pay attention to the airflow. When you install the new one, just make sure it goes in the right way so go ahead and pull this cartridge out just comes out towards you.

Slides the new pollen filter right in, once it stops there go ahead and get your front cover, now you’re going to line up the three bottom tabs. Once you get in there you go ahead and push forward. As these are all snapped, we can go ahead and put the door back up in place.

The guide to replace 2015 VW Golf Mk7 cabin air filter 3

Lining this piece up. I heard the snap there it snapped, I’m ready for these bumps stops. It looks like the left side is hitting. First, try to actually you can just push right through it. It’s open it up here perfect now you can load it up

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