What Are the Most Often Replaced Auto Parts


Today we all have a car know how important it is to keep the mechanics of vehicles in good condition.
That is why it is important to take the car to a workshop to check and to see if the wear parts of our car are in good condition, especially the mechanics.

Most of the parts that wear out, if they do not break, are repairable, although sometimes it is better to buy the new or scrapped part. Next, we will tell you which parts most often broke and deteriorated in a car:

The EGR valve: (Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve), its function is simple, recirculating some of the gases that escape through the exhaust towards the intake, as the name implies. This valve usually damaged by carbon accumulation, sometimes due to driver habits.

car get worn

The catalyst: its function is to control and reduce the harmful gases that expelled into the atmosphere after combustion. It usually damaged by abusing short journeys, and if the catalyst is in poor condition, we will notice a decrease in power, and the engine will repeatedly stall.

The clutch: the clutch allows gear changes to make without disconnecting the engine since it is between the gearbox and the engine, its useful life should not be less than 100,000 km, although misuse of the clutch can cause premature deterioration

The injectors: the injectors are found in both diesel engines and gasoline, although they tend to suffer a little more in diesel systems as they work at more pressure. It is important to change the fuel filters to extend the life of our injectors when instructed by the manufacturer. (usually around 30,000 km). The indicator that the injectors could be failing may be the loss of power.

car get worn

The headlights: the lighting system of the car is one of the most punished systems of our car. Especially when it is parked on public roads since it usually gives small bumps or scratches (sometimes caused by other drivers), this makes Be one of the elements that break the most today. On the other hand, it is an easy element to replace.

The filters: remember to keep an eye on the filters from time to time is not bad; they are not very expensive to change and extend the life of the rest of your car parts.

All these reviews can be done at home, although, to get you out of doubt, you can always go to a workshop to give you a more accurate diagnosis.

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