What you should know before buying LED Headlights



K, or Kelvin, is the measure of color temperature that tells you what color of the bulb is. The original bulbs of cars usually have between 3500 to 4500K, generating a yellowish tone, but reduced range in the case of filament bulbs. With 6000K, the tone is completely white, which can remove details by its intensity. The ideal is to keep the 5500K, which is a not-so-intense white.


It is the power of the light, or the force that the light has to reach from one point to the other, nothing to do with Watts, which is the electrical power. A 1500 lumen bulb is enough to light up the darkest and stormiest night. Attention, as the bulbs sold in pairs, it is common for the manufacturer to put the value of the two together, that is, 3000 lumens instead of 1500.

LED Headlights

Which LED models to buy

Do not choose the cheapest bulbs. The LED already brings several benefits regarding energy expenditure and durability; there is no reason to bargain when buying.

Escape any bulb that has a fan at the back to “help” for cooling, some h4 led bulbs have a fan. If a fan installed, it is because it gets too hot, and if the fan stops, the bulb can overheat and ruin your headlight.

The cutting line test

Take the test at home: turn on the low beam headlight of your car in front of a wall. You will see that there is a horizontal line on the left and another slightly slanted line on the right. It is the cutoff line, required by law, designed not to obscure the view of the car coming in the opposite direction and, on the right, to illuminate the road signs.

If you never noticed it, notice it when you’re on the road. If your headlight is correct, it will not disturb the drivers, and you can see the traffic signs illuminated because of everything designed can help the car lighting not disturb.

But the LED is different. The LED points and does not spread, while the filament bulb spreads evenly. It is much more complicated to make such a cutoff line in LED bulbs. The best models have focus adjustment, and it is possible to rotate the bulb so that it is in the correct position.

LED Headlights


LED bulbs to illuminate more than normal, a little less than Xenon, bringing great advantages. The first is energy saving, as the LED consumes less. Second, whiter light illuminates much more bright, and aesthetically, it is more modern.

In the rain, like the Xenon, the LED disappears a little concerning the yellow bulbs, but it does not disturb those who come in reverse, and it also does not leave you without lighting. You only need to be careful in foggy situations, where the reflected LED light can become a white wall in front of you.

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