Tips for VW Golf V5 Car Care and Basic Maintanance


The first, the most important things on these cars or any car is to make sure your car has oil. Without oil you can’t going to have an engine for long.

Tips for VW Golf V5 car care and Basic Maintanance

There is a dipstick and generally, be luminous in color in your car, get the dipstick to the bottom make sure it’s in up and check it. We’ve got the top part of this in great part is the maximum and the bottom part is the minimum. If you have got no oil on your dipstick, stop driving because it means you’ve got no oil at all. If it’s on the minimum is still okay even though it would benefit from a top-up, but you really have to have some oil on your dipstick.


Next is coolant level, there’s a minimum-maximum gauge net and it’s above the minimum. As long as you’ve got antifreeze and the level is good, there’s no residue in there or any scum or anything. Next thing looks at the washer fluid level, check your headlights make sure your headlights are working and the same washer wipers that were filled up make sure they’re working, check your brake pads.

Tips for VW Golf V5 car care and Basic Maintanance 2


A most important thing is the tires, check your tire just make sure they’re wearing evenly nothing. You need to ever change your tires or something has to be sorted but check your tires make sure to wear is even it isn’t rubber from one side other than anything exposed.

Tips for VW Golf V5 car care and Basic Maintanance 3

Quite as to look at is your spare tire in your tool kit, make sure you’ve got the locking wheel nut in a safe place that you can get to it put your jack anything else you might need. Check your tire has air in it for having a spare tire, check if there’s air in your tire and a simple way to test that you’re just a bounce on the floor.

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