Some Key Tools to Help You Repair the Car


Whenever you need to repair your vehicle, you need a series of tools that are common in all cars, from fixed keys to something more elaborate as a bearing extractor, they can save you from many situations. We will list the essential tools so you can perform most of your car’s maintenance tasks.

1. Basic tools briefcase: in every workshop, there should be a briefcase of this type since they have the most basic tools to perform a good job as a mechanic.

In these tool cases, we can find ratchet wrenches with their respective cups, screwdriver tips of different sizes, both flat and star, even some, the most expensive and complete, can bring built-in fixed wrenches of the most common sizes.

repair the car
2. Bearing extractors: bearing removal is a task that must carry out with great care to avoid further damage to our car, many people choose to disassemble the car’s bearings with a hammer. Still, the bearing extractor can help us with this homework.

Bearing extractors can be used both for mounting and for disassembling car bearings. Since there are different sizes of bearing extractors we recommend that you look for the most suitable to be able to repair your car more effectively.

3. Pliers: another of the essential elements in a workshop, you never know when you are going to need to strip a pair of cables just like you do not know when you are going to need to make a little more force to hold some part that, for example, is hot.

repair the car

Pliers not only serve to strip wires or hold parts with more force since they can also help us reach areas that are somewhat inaccessible by our fingers, just as they can save our hands from some sheet that could cut us.

4. Screwdrivers: if your tool case does not have screwdrivers, it is good that you think about buying a small set of them.

One of the most common recommendations is the screwdrivers to which you can change the tip, thus having a single handle with different heads making it more practical when tightening different screws.

It is also uncommon to find screwdrivers of large diameters in the toolboxes, so you will have to buy them separately.

repair the car
5. Fixed keys: one of the essential elements in a workshop, the fixed keys are the most used tools next to the ratchet.

Although today the tool cases usually bring already built-in fixed keys, it may be the case that you buy the briefcase that does not have the keys. Because it only has the smallest numbers, so we recommend you, In the previous case, buy the largest numbers separately.

If you want to start these mechanics at home, we recommend that you have a good set of fixed and ratchet keys.

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