Buy Guide to Replacement Halogen Headlight Bulbs


Headlights are so important as an essential part of the vehicle, especially at night driving. When learning to drive, there is one rule telling that we should always go to check out the headlight and confirm if they’re working correctly before we start to drive. In my opinion, I can’t stand driving dim headlights that will put me in trouble or even in danger.

In this article, I will give you an ultimate buying guide to alternative headlight bulb halogen for a brighter lighting vision. We buy and test over 50 different bulbs from brands or China supplier and find out exactly which ones were among the very brightest.


Buy Guide to Replacement Halogen Headlight Bulbs

#1 Philips H11 CrystalVision Ultra

  • 30% Brighter
  • Whiter Light

Installed the H11 XtremeVision bulbs on my Honda Civic, these bulbs are advertised as being 60% brighter but as my estimated, they are roughly 50% brighter than the OEM headlight bulbs. They don’t need alignment adjustments after installation. Light is much brighter and lights up further down the road without dazzling oncoming vehicles. Light is whiter than OEM bulb, with no blue tinge noticeable.


Buy Guide to Replacement Halogen Headlight Bulbs

#2 PIAA 70755 Xtreme White Plus

  • Brightest at 4000K products by PIAA XTRA Technology
  • Wider Light Beam on Road

We have many vehicles in our town that are used PIAA Xtreme White Plus bulbs for front headlights. Light is 4000K, not pure white and not blue. And you get 110 watts of light for the same 55 watts draw.

The most valuable feature is the light beam pattern. In the south, there’s a deer on every corner it seems, and these bulbs light up the road so well, that it gives you a little better chance of seeing the deer earlier. Also motorcyclists want to be seen by others, these Xtreme White bulbs make you more visible, day or night.


Buy Guide to Replacement Halogen Headlight Bulbs

#3 Hella Standard Bulb

  • Best product at the cheapest price
  • Longer lifespan

One kit is $5-$10 dollars. Price is quite reasonable. They are brighter than the original equipment bulb with better color for night driving.   Perfect fitment.  It does not reach the lumen level of the Osrams, is more than sufficient. I like these bulbs because it doesn’t sacrifice the lifespan to have a higher lumen output. This will cause bigger trouble to use especially when they are driving at Highline, the bulbs are suddenly down, that will put the users in danger. On the opposite, Hella standard halogen bulbs remain the lifespan and explore higher lumen as they can. This is the biggest feature I think.

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