11 Steps to Fix the Scratches on the Vehicle


We ever to have to fix the paint on our vehicle, because they scratched our car when they try to park or us against the damn corner of the garage.

Sometimes it is a small blow, but it is obvious. You can have the car in perfect condition, that there will always be someone who says, and that scratch?

Well, if you need to paint a part of your vehicle, be it the defense or any other, we have a solution that you will like.

It is a Spray with the paint code of your vehicle, so it is very easy to repair the affected part.

You had to prepare the paint, compressor, gun, and the piece you are going to work on, in this case, the defense. This result takes a long time, but now we can reduce it, apart from the comforts offered by these products.

scratches on the vehicle

So if you need to buy the products for repair, we recommend this website, where you can find paint for your top-quality car.

Steps to fix a vehicle defense:

As a general rule, defenses are the most battered areas of the body, so we must start by dismantling the affected area.

1, We disassemble the vehicle part to work more comfortably with it.

2, We remove the plastic trims, and if it has bulbs, we can remove or cover them.

3, We sand the entire area, leaving a smooth and smooth work surface, so it recommended to work with fine sandpaper, if possible. If we have deep scratches, we will start with thick sandpaper, and we will finish with the finest ones so that a good job is left.

scratches on the vehicle

4, If we have any blow, we must use putty: we will apply a thin layer.

5, After applying the putty, we must sand the piece again and leave it without imperfections. Very important to leave it completely smooth and finished so that it looks good.

6, We clean the piece with a little solvent and leave it free of dust, like the area in which we have worked, so that it does not stick to the piece when we are painting.

7, It may be necessary to prime the area for a better result, and it will depend on the condition of the piece.

8, Apply the paint covering the entire area, with touches of the Spray cuts, you should not go through the same place many times so that there are no drops left.

scratches on the vehicle

9, If the painting requires it, we will finish with varnish, necessary in metallic paints.

10, We will let dry the piece in a dry place, and without dust.

11, When the piece is completely dry, we will place it in the vehicle. The manufacturer will indicate when it is time to handle it.

And this is the whole process to be able to paint a vehicle defense. Also, the advantage that the Sprays have is that it always comes out at the same pressure, so you avoid the calibration of the compressor and the amount of paint that the gun releases, etc.

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